A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

⚠️ Warning: Volume may be loud.

Loot the carrots from unsuspecting cargo ships as you play as an awesome space pirate bunny!

  • Move/Aim with the mouse
  • Shoot with left mouse button

Source code: https://github.com/robwhitaker/godot-wild-jam-34

Other credits:

  • Font: Teletactile by Heaven Castro (link)
  • Font: Cortisa Pro by Ikramul Hadi Khan (link)
  • SFX: Explosion 1 by magnuswaker (link)
  • SFX:  cannon.mp3 by Kneeling (link)
  • SFX: Plasma cannon at the space station by newlocknew (link)
  • SFX: Small Explosion by lorenzgillner (link)


amateur_piracy-linux.zip 18 MB
amateur_piracy-win.zip 18 MB
amateur_piracy-mac.zip 30 MB

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